How to convert DVD to Sansa video / audio file formats

Sandisk Sansa can't play DVDs. SanDisk Sansa is a line of flash memory-based digital audio players and portable media players produced by SanDisk. The Sansa View supports H.264, MPEG-4, and unencrypted WMV video formats. And the Sansa mp3 players supports MP3, WMA, WAV and Audible (.aa) audio file formats. So Sansa players can not take the format of the DVD.

In order to convert a DVD movie to a format that your SanDisk Sansa video / audio player can read, a practical DVD to Sansa Convertert is necessary. Kigo DVD Converter is such a DVD to Sansa Converter that can help you convert DVD to AVI or MP4 video format for your SanDisk Sansa.

Kigo DVD Converter is an all-in-one and professional DVD to Sansa Converter. With it, you can easily convert DVD to Sandisk Sansa compatible formats with good picture and sound quality.

It is no only a DVD Converter, but also a DVD ripper. It is sure that Kigo DVD Converter is the best solution to ripping DVD to Sandisk Sansa video or audio format.

How to convert DVD to Sansa video formats with Kigo DVD Converter


Free download Kigo DVD Converter, install and run it.


Insert your DVD disk into the DVD Drive. Click Open DVD, choose your DVD Drive from the pop-up window, and then press "OK" button. Or you can click Add to load DVD videos from your hard disks to Kigo DVD Converter.

You can also import DVD videos on line by pressing "YouTube" button.


Choose a compatible format for your Sansa.

Click down arrow of "Output Format", from the drop-down list find Sandisk Sansa, and choose the more suitable format for your Sansa from Sandisk Sansa AVI Movie and Sandisk Sansa MPEG-4 Movie.

with Kigo DVD Converter, You can get your favourite video clips by specifying the exact "Chapter" or the "Start time" and "Stop time" of these clips.

You can select Audio language or subtitle if you need.

You can also personalize the output video by adjusting parameters of "Video Option" and "Audio Option", which However, we don't suggest you to do, because our default settings assure high-quality converted videos for you.


Choose the output path.

You can save the converted Sansa videos anywhere you like. Our program's default output path is : C:\Users\e1\Documents\KigoDVDConverter.


Click "Convert" to start converting.

How to convert DVD to Sansa audio formats

The first two steps are the same as "how to convert DVD to Sansa video formats" above mentioned. Here will present how to convert DVD to Sansa audio format from the step 3 based on the first two steps above.

3. Set the output format

Kigo DVD Converter prepares for you two audio formats - MP3 and AAC.

Click down arrow of "Output Format", at the bottom of the drop-down list find "Common used audio formats", and choose "MP3 Audio" for your Sansa.

4. Click "Convert" to start converting.

When the conversion is finished, you can right-click of the converted files, from the drop-down list choose "Locate Destination File", and then you can find the converted files directly.

So practical and easy-to-use, why not have a try?

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