FAQs of Kigo DVD Ripper

Q 1: What is the difference between trial version and full version?

A: The difference between trial version and full version is the trial version has the limitation that you can only convert no more than 3 minutes for each video file. After you purchase our product, you will be provided with registration name and code which will unlock the trial version limitation.

Q 2: What benefits do I have after registration?

A: First, unlimited use without any time and function restriction. Second, free upgrades to the updated versions of the same product released.

Q 3: Can I preview videos before conversion?

A: Yes, you can. Kigo DVD Ripper provides video preview function, so you can preview the source video before conversion to see if you want to convert it or not or write down the start and stop time to convert part of the video.

Q 4: How can I find the converted videos directly after conversion?

A: After the conversion is finished, you can right click the source video in the file list and choose "Reveal Destination In Finder" to find the converted videos directly.

Q 5: May I delete the unwanted video files with this software?

A: Of course you can. We offere a "Remove" function in our program. You can select the video you want to delete and click "Remove". Or you can delete all files you added by clicking "Remove All".

Q 6: What if I lost the license code?

A: Please provide us with detailed information about your purchase, such as email address, user name, product name .etc when you paid. Send these information to: support@kigo-video-converter.com and we will help you to find the license code.

Q 7: How to capture pictures during preview?

A: There are three steps.
1.Click button in the preview window to choose a Snapshot Directory as you like or you can use the default directory.
2. Select a target DVD clip in the file list, click button to let the DVD clip play, then you'll see turn to .
3. Click to capture your favorite pictures, and you can open the Snapshot Directory to see the pictures.

Q 8: Why the video and audio is unsynchronized in converted videos?

A: Make sure the video and audio is synchronized in the original DVD video. If this is not your case, you can choose A/V Sync option in Audio settings to force the audio to sync with the video.

Q 9: What's the use of "Library" button?

A: Click "Library" and you can retrieve all videos including unconverted, converting and converted which are classified by device. It is simply a file list which can help you find the videos easily and quickly.

Q 10: Can I customize the output format and save it?

A: Yes, Kigo DVD Ripper allows you to customize output format and save it. You can choose an output format in "Profile" list and customize the General, Video, Audio and DVD options as you wish and then click to choose "Save Current Profile". You can also rename or delete it.

If you have some other questions or suggestions, please send emails to support@kigo-video-converter.com


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