How to add clips to your photos

Frame Photo Editor Adds Clips to Photo to Display Your Unlimited Creativity

Frame Photo Editor has the function of adding clips to photo. Adding clips to photo is an effective, entertaining and enjoyable way to decorate your photos. It can make amazing effect in your photos, pictures or images.

Various kinds of clip pictures of Frame Photo Editor

Frame Photo Editor has clips in various designs and styles, such as cartoon clips, flower clips and many other funny clips. These fancy clips help you edit your photos and make them stylish and suitable on diferent occasions.

With these clips, you can display your unlimited creativity by adding them to your photos with Frame Photo Editor.

photo card clips

Frame Photo Editor can edit photos in the format of jpeg, jpg, bmp, pcx, tga, tiff or tif, and what you need to do is just import your photos and make a few clicks to add clip to these photos. Frame Photo Editor is quite easy-to-use.

Add Clips Picture to Photos with Frame Photo Editor

The following shows the few steps of adding funny clips to your photos


After you have import a photo to your Frame Photo Editor, click "Add Clips" on the left, then you can select clips at the bottom of the interface. They are shown in three groups: Cartoon, Flower and Other. Just choose the ones you like.

Add clips


Double click the clip you selected, it will appear in your photo.

Add clips


Click and drag it to resize or place it on your photo. If you want to delete one clip, you can select it and then click "delete" on the left or just use the Delete key.

Add clips

Tips: You can also set mask, select backgroud and insert text for your photos, and after all the editing operation, you can save the photo as jpeg, jpg, bmp, pcx, tga, tiff or tif format.

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