Make stylish photos for you by blending photos

Want to make your online album special to store the fond memories, make a stylish deskdop or make a picture with special meanings to send to your friends?

Frame Photo Editor can do all these for you. All you need to do is blend photos by just a few mouse clicks and drags. With Frame Photo Editor, you can make your photos unique by adding frames, clips, photo mask, and picture background.

Blend photos

How Frame Photo Editor blend your photos with your personal style

It is a professional photo editing software and designed to blend and decorate photos for you. It can not only edit your photos by adding clips, frames, mask, or background, but also support you inserting texts to your photos.


Set photo masks

Frame Photo Editor allows you to select masks for your photos, pictures or images to make different visual effects. It has dozens of masks for you to select and different masks can make different effects in your photo. You can select the masks according to your interest.

Set photos mask


Add clips

Frame Photo Editor has prepared for you many clips. you can choose clips of catoon, flower or other and blend them to your photos. Select your favorite and suitable clips and blend them with your photos together , and you would find that your photos became more beautiful.

Add clips

If you are satisfied with your blended photos and want to share them with your friends, you can add some warm words on the photos and send them as greeting cards by e-mail. Frame Photo Editor has the function of email sending. You can just fill in the needed information to send your blended photo to your loved ones and friends.
At the same time you can also save them in the format of BMP, JPEG,JPG, PCX, TGA or TIFF.

Email to friends

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