Make photos more beautiful

Frame Photo Editor decorates you digital photos and gives them a whole new look. With this amzaing photo frame editing software, you can easily blend your digital photo onto another picture to create unique effect. You can also add flowers, cartoon pictures, or pretty frames onto your photos.

Simple steps to decorate photos with Frame Photo Editor quickly:


Download the decorating photos software - Frame Photo Editor quickly, install and run it. You will see the following interface.

Screenshot of Frame Photo Editor

In the user interface, it clearly marked command buttons and push-button manipulation of your photo. Most users familiar with other photo-editing software will not need the Help file, moreover, it is also available for newcomers.

Tips: The software has been registed. The software also supports free trial version, the difference between the trial version and full version is that the trial version has the watermark.


Add a photo

When you click button "Add a Photo", a file selection dialog will popup. You may select a valid image file in the dialog to be load.

Add a photo to Frame Photo Editor


Set the photo's mask

You can select the suitable mask in the bottom mask list, and change mask and photo size to the best view.


Add frames to the photos

When you click the "Select a Frame", you can find kinds of frames to select in the bottom. The home website will often update the frame templates, you can download them freely.

Now adjust the photos' location and size, an amazing photo will be made.

It is so easy! Of course, this is very simple to show how to do, you can still add the text, clips and etc. to decorate your photos.

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