A practical Photo Editing Software - Frame Photo Editor

All kinds of free frame templates are available for Frame Photo Editor

Frame Photo Editor edits photos with frames. You can decorate your photos with various frame templates. As we are developing wonderful and typical frames all the time, you can download more frame templates from our website.

The photo frame templates you'v downloaded can be added to the Frame Template Library of your Frame Photo Editor for editing photos.

Import new templates to your Frame Photo Editor

When you find new templates are provided on our site, you can free download them and import them to your Frame Photo Editor with only few clicks.


After you downloaded templates, open your Frame Photo Editor, click "help-> Manage Template".

Import photo template


Click Import, select the templates you want to import, and click Open or click Add button, select the image you want to add as frame tempales. At this time, you have finished importing templates to your Frame Photo Editor and you can use these new templates as frames to edit photos.

Import photo template

Import photo template

Download free templates for Frame Photo Editor to decorate photos

There are cartoon templates, calendar templates, holiday templates and many other templates for you to edit photos with Frame Photo Editor. All you need to do is free downloading them from our site and import them to your Frame Photo Editor.

We will keep on updating and designing more templates for you to use in different times. Following are templates available now.

photo card templates

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