How to make a photo card with Frame Photo Editor

Frame Photo Editor is an easy-to-use photo editing software. With this program you can easily decorate your photos, and create scrapbook pages, collages, framed photos, and more. It makes your photos more pretty and attractive.

The process of editing your photos with Frame Photo Editor is very simple. Frame Photo Editor requires no technical knowledge, so everyone can use it.

Frame your photos

Download, install and run Frame Photo Editor.

A clear interface will show up.

Screenshot of Frame Photo Editor

Create new project

Click the button "New" in the top-left corner of main window to set up a new project.

If you are editing another picture, when you click "New" button, all items drawn on the background will be removed.

Change background.

Click button "Select Background" and select the image you like from the pop-up dialog and then click "Open".button. The background will be changed into your chosen image at the center of the scene.

If the size of the image is larger than that of the scene, the part outside the scene will be clipped. Drag the horizontal or vertical slider to see the outside part.

Add a photo

Click button "Add a Photo", and a file selection dialog will pop up. Choose the photo you want to edit, then click "OK" button. Then you will see the photo with a default mask show on the top-left corner of the background. The photo will be zoomed out if it's larger than the background size. And you can adjust the position and size of the photo by just clicking and dragging it.

Set mask for a photo

Click button "Set Photo Mask", a series of masks will show at the bottom of Frame Photo Editor. Double click the mask you like, and you will see its effect appears on the photo.

Set photos mask

If you want to change sizes of the mask and photo, or move the mask in the photo, or rotate the mask and photo, press the tag of "Change Mask and Photo Size". You can do them all by adjusting correspondent parameters.

Different masks make your photos in different looks. It is a kind of magic, isn't it?

Delete the mask

Click button "Delete Mask", and you will see the mask on the photo disappear.

Add clips and set them

Click button "Add Clips", then a series of Clips will show at the bottom of main window. The clips are classified into three groups: cartoon, flower and other clips. You may select a specific group by clicking it. And you can add more than one picture clip on the photo.

You can adjust the position of every clip by just clicking and dragging it.

And you can adjust the sizes of the added clips by dragging the eight points of their frames.

Add texts and set them

Click button "Insert Text", and the bottom tag "Input Text" will show you Text Editing Area. Choose the font you like and adjust it to a suitable size and colour, and then you can edit the text on the left InputBox. When finish the text, click "OK" button, and you will see the text appear on the top left of the editing photo. You can resize the text and change its place by clicking and dragging it.

If you want to add speaking frames on the photo, click "Select a speaking frame", and double click the speaking frame you like. Then, it will appear on the editing photo.


Click button "Delete" to delete the item selected on the background.

The frame will be deleted by default if no item selected.

Add or delete a Frame

Click button "Select a Frame", then the Frame selection window will show at the bottom of main window. The frames has been classified in six categories: cartoon, festival, general, scenery, seasonal and others. You may select a specific category by clicking the tag, and then the frames of the category will appear at the bottom.

Just as the image shown below, double-click one frame to add it to the current image. And the size of the frame will be adjusted to the same as the background.

Click Button "Delete" to delete the frame if the chosen frame does not suitable. It is easy to operate.

Change the Photos order

You can change the items (photo, picture clips, frame, text, speaking frame etc) order by clicking "Send to Back" or "Bring to front", or just click the item, and then it will appear on the surface of all the other items.

Save or Save Project

Click the button "Save" to save the current image to files. A file save dialog will pop up after you click "Save" button. Fill in the filename and select the type in the dialog, then click "save" button in the dialog box, and the current image will be saved.

Click button "Save Project" to save current project including background ,frame,photos and text into the '.prj' file.

Print, Email or Set as wallpaper

Click button "Print", the photo printing wizard will help you to do the work.

Click button "Email", a dialog box will popup. You should input the information required in the dialog, And Click "OK" button, the image you currently editing will be sent via Email using your default email client. If you click "Cancel" button, it won't be sent.

Click button "Wallpaper", the currently editing picture will be set as the wallpaper of your PC.

Manage Templates

Click the menu Help > Manage Templates. Manage all the templates as you like. You can add templates from PNG files you make or you can import templates in zip file which can be downloaded from our website

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