Use Kigo Image Converter to convert tiff

Tiff is the acronym for Tagged Image File Format which is also known as tif. Tiff format is mainly used to store photos and art of map image, using lossless compression and it is a standard format in document image and document management system.

Why convert tiff format?

On one hand, tiff is a standard format in document image and document management system, and desktop publishing, page layout application, scan, fax and word processing all support this format, so in these cases, you need to convert images to tiff format.

On the other hand, tiff is a lossless compression format and it can maintain the original image color and level, but this format takes up a lot of space. If you want to save your storage space, you may convert tiff to other formats like jpeg.

How to convert tiff with Kigo Image Converter?

As tiff format files' extension name is .tif, jpeg format files' extension name is. jpg, so here we will take how to convert tiff to jpeg for example.


Click Add button to import a tiff format image file to the file list.

Add image files


In General page, choose jpg as output format from the pull-down list. You may use the default output folder to save the converted image.

General setting


Click the button CONVERT to start converting jpg.

If you have many images, you don't need to convert them one by one, because you can convert them by batch with Kigo Image Converter to save your time.

In addition, it not only can convert tiff format to other formats, but also can convert other popular image formats like JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, JPC, BMP, PNM and TGA to tiff.

Moreover, you can choose output folder as you like, resize the images, make thumbnails, add text or image watermark on pictures by batch and preview images with watermark.

To sum up, Kigo Image Converter is a professional and totally free image converter. It is easy to use and does not require any special skills. You can download it and have a try.

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