Free to change image formats for PSP with Kigo Image Converter

It's known, any image files saved in a compatible format can be viewed on the PlayStation Portable, but not all pictures can be viewed on the PSP, for PSP can only support jpeg (aka jpg); tiff; gif; png; bmp.

When you can't transfer pictures into the psp. How to solve the problem? Kigo Image Converter can help you.

Why chooose Kigo Image Converter?

Kigo Image Converter is a fast, stable, easy to use image converter tool for graphic files, photos and other images. It has a variety of powerful features, like image browsing and converting. It supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, PCX, TIFF, PNM and TGA.

Moreover, it is a freeware. A free software is both economical and cost-effective. There is no need to cost anything for it. But it is also with a variety of functions with strong practicals.

Powerful Functions of Kigo Image Converter:

  • Easy use just by dragging and clicking;
  • Browsing image thumbnail;
  • Add Watermark to image;
  • Preview image with watermark;
  • Convert image to any major graphic format.

Guide to convert the image format for PSP with Kigo Image Converter:


Add the image to convert.

Click "Add" button to select images you want to convert in the dialog, Or you can just drag the image files to the main window. If you want to remove any one, you can select it and in the panel list, click "Remove" to remove them.


Custom settings and convert the image for PSP.

You can use "Convert settings" to set the images.

General setting

In "General" page, you can set the target image' output format and output folder. Here you need choose jpg, psp supports.

In "Size" page, you can fill the "size factor" to zoom in or out the image. You can also directly set the images' width and height.

In "Watermark" page ,you can fill the text or choose a picture to put on the image.


After finishing all the above settings, now you can click "CONVERT" button.

All the finished, you can transfer the converted images to your psp quickly. Now enjoy your images on PSP!

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