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In computer graphics, image scaling is the process of resizing a digital image. Scaling is a non-trivial process that involves a trade-off between efficiency, smoothness and sharpness.

As the size of an image is increased, so the pixels which comprise the image become increasingly visible, making the image appear "soft". Conversely, reducing an image will tend to enhance its smoothness and apparent sharpness.

Why you need image scale converter?

But in many cases, the photos & images are too large and too small for you, you have to scale the image size with an image scale converter, eg. your photos are too big to publish photos on the Web, you would need to uniformly resize a group of images.

Right choice to scale images with Kigo Image Converter

With Kigo Image Converter, you can easily scale image size to fit the needed value using various scale modes and proportion calculations depending on settings used. You can directly scale down the width and height of image files.

Kigo Image Converter is an easy-to-use free image scale converter. With this free image scale converter, you can freely batch resize image size, change their format, add watermark to them, and compress image size to save space on your hard drive. It offers a professional set of various options and settings to resize images.

How to scale image with Kigo Image Converter

First you need to download Kigo Image Converter freeware.


Install and run this free image scale converter - Kigo Image Converter, you will see the user interface. All the buttons and options are in the image, you can know it easily.

Screenshot of Kigo Image Converter


You can click Add button to load the images files to convert.


You can scale down the width and height of image files in the Size settings.

You can also directly input the suitable width and height, the image scale software will convert the target images to the size you set.

Tips: If you check keep aspect ratio option, the image converter will automatically resize the image height change the picture height to fit the aspect ratio according the width of the images. The keep aspect ratio option can be only used after setting the images' width and height.


Click button "CONVERT" to start conversion.

After finishing the conversion, you can get what you need, and you can use the converted image files everywhere. Now you know how to scale digital images for the web with Kigo Image Converter.

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