JPEG to TIFF Converter

What are jpeg and tiff?

Jpeg is the acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group, it is also known as jpg. It is a platform-independent and widely used image format on the internet; and its greatest advantage is to support the highest levels of compression.

Tiff is the acronym for Tagged Image File Format, it is also known as tif, and tiff format is mainly used to store photos and art of map image, using lossless compression, it is a standard format in document image and document management system.

Why to convert jpeg to tiff?

Jpeg format uses lossy compression, although it has the highest levels of compression and it takes less space, it still has a disadvantage, when you use jpeg format to save images, some information of the images will be lost. However, tiff format uses lossless compression, when you want to keep image information completely; converting jpeg to tiff will be a good choice.

How to convert jpeg to tiff with Kigo Image Converter

As tiff format files' extension name is .tif, jpeg format files' extension name is. jpg, Here we will show how to convert jpeg to tiff.


Add a jpeg format image file to the file list.

Add JPEG files


In general page, choose tif in output format

output format setting


Then click the button CONVERT, jpeg format will be converted into tiff format.

Kigo Image Converter is easy to use and does not require any special skills, it is a professional image converter, it not only can convert Jpeg to tiff format, but also can convert jpeg format to other major image formats, of course, it also can convert other popular image formats like JPEG 2000, PCX, JPC, TIFF, BMP, PNM and TGA to jpeg.

Moreover, you can choose output folder as you like, resize the images, make thumbnails, add watermark on pictures by batch and preview image with watermark. The most important thing is that Kigo Image Converter is totally free; you can download it and have a try.

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