Fast to make thumbnail with Kigo Image Converter

What is thumbnail?

Thumbnail is a small image on web page; its size is small, taking up less space, loading speed is very fast, so thumbnails are generally used for quick browsing, it also can be used to preview image files.

Why to make thumbnail?

If you have many beautiful and attractive images, and you want to upload to your space or your blog to share them with your friends, but the original images are too big, it will spend a lot of time when you upload them, so you need to resize them to make them much smaller.

To save time and space, make thumbnail is a good choice, and we see thumbnail everyday, everywhere, it is more necessary to make thumbnail.

How to make thumbnail with Kigo Image Converter?

With Kigo Image Converter, making thumbnail is to change image size, make image size much smaller. Here we will show how to make thumbnail with Kigo Image Converter.


Add a 1024 * 768 size image file to the file list.



In size page, please choose Width * Height, enter exact value in the X, Y, check the option keep aspect ratio.



Then click the button CONVERT, a thumbnail will be made.

You can see, with Kigo Image Converter, you don't worry the thumbnail taking on a blurry look, and if you have many images, you don't need to make thumbnail one by one, you can make thumbnails by batch.

Kigo Image Converter can convert major graphic formats like JPEG, JPEG 2000, PCX, JPC, PNG, BMP, TIF, PNM and TGA, and the conversion quality is excellent.

What is more, Kigo Image Converter is easy to use and user-friendly image converter, use it, you also can add watermark on images, and set Alignment to decide where to put watermark, preview image with watermark, select output folder as you like. Kigo Image Converter is a professional image converter and completely free, you can download it and have a try.

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