Kigo Image Converter Tutorial

Kigo Image Converter is a powerful and totally free image converting tool. You can use it to change images format, scale images size and add watermark to images by batch at the same time.

How to convert images with free Kigo Image Converter?


Add Images to converting list

Click button "Add" in the top left corner of the main window and select images you want to convert in the dialog. Or you can just drag the image files to the main window.


Convert settings

You can set the settings below for your image conversion:

In "General" tab, select the target image format and the output folder.

General setting

In "Size" tab, fill the "size factor" to zoom the image.

size setting

Or fill exact width and height of image by pixel(select "keep aspect ratio" to keep the aspect ratio of image).

Keep aspect ratio

In "Watermark" tab, you can either fill the text or choose a picture to put on the image.

Select alignment to decide where to place the watermark on image.

Click "Preview" button to preview the image with target format, size and watermark.

add watermark to images


Start conversion

Click "CONVERT" button, then everything will be done for you. A dialog will pop up to show you the progress information while converting.

convert image

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