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Cards have made our life more colorful. In many occasions, we need to make a card to express our feelings. There are various types of cards. The following are the popular kinds of cards you can make with Photo Card Maker easily:

What kind of cards you can make with Photo Card Maker

Birthday Cards

People are always moved by the little birthday card. A small birthday card means a lot. The affectionate blessing words, the exquisite design, the time and energy you spent, all things represent how much the friendship means to you. So why not make a birthday card with significant photos to both of you as your friend's birthday present? Our Photo Card Maker can help you make your wish come true. You can enhance any picture or photo with hundreds of templates and various special effects in our Photo Card Maker.

Wedding Cards

Wedding is one of the most special occasions in one's life. On your loved one's wedding day, it is a good way to send your blessings and wishes through some wedding photo cards. An exquisite hand-made wedding card with meaningful photos to the married couple is much more memorable than any purchased gift.

Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love - the most beautiful feeling in the world, and a day belonging to those who are in love. Don't you think it is a good idea to send a passionate Valentine card to your special one to show how strong your love is? With our Photo Card Maker, you can make a Valentine card full of your deep feeling easily and quickly. You can enhance pictures from the sweet times you've shared and make them into Valentine cards as Valentine's presents. It is sure that your special someone will move to tears by your feelingful cards.

Anniversary Cards

Anniversary days remind us of something important and unforgettable. Maybe it is a wedding anniversary, a milestone anniversary, a corporate anniversary or a love anniversary. An anniversary card is sure of the best way to express your deep feeling and make the day more special. On anniversary cards, you can write down whatever word you want to say: your deep affection to your loved ones, your gratitude to your co-workers or partners or your blessing to your friends or relatives.

The thoughtfulness is worth far more than the gift itself. With our Photo Card Maker, you can make such a card to show your deep feeling simply and quickly. Photo Card Maker provides you with hundreds of templates, so there must be some ones satisfactory to you. Besides, Photo Card Maker supports adding text comments onto your photos. All these features help you make a fine card.

Holiday Cards

Christmas Cards, Chanukah Cards, New Year's Cards, Kwanzaa Cards, even Thanksgiving cards, all these cards can be made easily and quickly with Photo Card Maker. Photo Card Maker provides you with various practical ways to make your card exquisite. A holiday card carries your greeting and wishes. With Photo Card Maker, you can fill your holiday greeting cards with your personality and humour and you can send a enhanced significant photo as a holiday present instead of a stuffy and formal one.

How Photo Card Maker helps you

There are various card makers to help you make a photo card. But how to choose a suitable one for yourself? Compared with others, our Photo Card Maker will be your best choice. The Photo Card Maker application is an user-friendly software to make all kinds of cards for you.

Photo Card Maker supplies hundreds of templates for all occasions. You can choose whatever template you like to make cards.

Besides, you can adjust the position and size of the photos by just clicking and dragging it, so it is quick and easy for you to make your own cards.

Our Photo Card Maker supports adding text comments on your photos, so you can make your cards more attractive and unique. So practical and user-friendly, why not have a try?

With Photo Card Maker, you can make a simple and passionate card with photos in seconds. With Photo Card Maker, you can make a card which your family or friends will treasure more than any purchased gift.

Not all the cards are made of cardstock. With our Photo Card Maker, you can make an e-card - a special card for people you love with heart.

Holiday photo cards, Christmas photo cards, photo greeting cards, holiday photo greeting cards, personalized family photo cards etc, all these photo cards can be made simply and quickly with our Photo Card Maker.

Why not have a try?

Key features of Photo Card Maker:

  • A totally free ware.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Hundres of free templates available.
  • Add your own pictures and text comments
  • Save photo card image file.

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