FAQs of Photo Card Maker

Photo Card Maker is an easy-to-use photo editing software. With this powerful photo card maker, you could make unique photo cards for all occasions in a minute.

With lots of templates of card, Photo Card Maker helps you easily create cool cards with your favorite photos. So you can create cards for Christmas, New Year, Holiday or any occasions.

Hot questions and answers

1.Is it free? Are the hundreds of templates free, too?

Yes, it's a totally freeware, and all the templates are free, too!

2. I'm a new man ahout PC, can i successfully make a photo card?

Yes, of course. It's very easy to use. You could make a photo card within a minute all by yourself. There is no need to have much knowledge about the computer or graphics. All operations could be finished with your mouse.

3. Why I make the photo cards?

It is very funny to make a personalized card as a greeting card. Photo cards should be a fun and creative way to reconnect with family and friends. They're ideal for holidays, inviitations, announcements, and more.

4.Can i adjust the photo size and postion?

You can adjust the position every photo, clip picture or text comment in the current image by just clicking and dragging them.

And you can adjust the size of those items in the current image by drag the corner points of the frame of the selected photo.

5.What format the image card can be save?

You can save the current image as JPEG, BMP or PNG file.

6.Are the templates always changeless? Any changes?

No, We will timely update the templates.There will be more and more template will be available on our website, you could download and import into your PhotoCardMaker to use.

7.Can I design my own template?

Yes, you can click button "Save Template" to save current template after you modify it. So you can use it next time.

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