Make your own cards With Photo Card Maker

When the holidays and special occasions are coming, you can creat your own greeting cards with our free Photo Card Maker. Photo Card Maker can help you make your own cards with its various preset templates and its practical functions like photos editing, adding texts onto photos etc.

Steps to make a free gretting card

The following are detailed steps guiding you to make your own cards. Here take how to make a birthday card for example.


Download Photo Card Maker. Install and run it.

Screenshot of Photo Card Maker


Select a suitable template.

Click button "Select Template", and a dialog will pop up which displays all categories of templates in the image list. Choose a category you prefer.

Select a template

Then select a suitable template, and then double click the image to replace current template.


Add & Edit photos

Click button "Photo", and a file selection dialog will popup. Double-click the photo you want to edit. Then, you will see the photo show on the top-left corner of the template.

Tips: the photo will be zoomed out if it's larger than the template size. Also you can adjust the position and size of the photo by just clicking and dragging it.


Edit the text content

Click button "Text" to input text on the template.

You can set the texts' font, size and color. All the options are very easy.


Save the finished photo card.

Rename the birthday card and click Save, now a birthday photo card is completed. So easy, isn't it. Why not download Photo Card Maker to take a free try?

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