Convert video for Sony Walkman

"I bought a new Sony walkman. I hope to convert movies to mp4 format to view on it."

"When I tried movies on the player, it said 'can't read this format'".

Have you ever troubled with these problems? How to solve the problems?

Today, I will introduce a powerful software which can solve this problem easily. It is named Kigo Video Converter Pro for Win, a strong video converter for sony walkman. With this mp4 video converter, you won't be frustrated that your favorite video can't be played on walkman.

Kigo Video Converter can make all videos playable on your Walkman. It can also convert audios and videos for other players.

If you download Kigo Video Converter, you can see the interface clearly.

On the interface, you can see the quick guide for you. You can follow the steps to convert your video.

Interface of Kigo Video Converter Pro

Why choose Kigo Video Converter?

High quality converted videos, multiple output profiles, easy-to-use and multifunctional video converter, all these features assure you that Kigo Video Converter will be the right choice for you.

With Kigo Video Converter Pro for Win, you can convert videos for your Walkman with just a few clicks.

Kigo Video Converter Pro for Win can convert videos for many popular players, such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, apple TV or more. With this converting tool, you can play your videos on any of devices.

Kigo Video Converter allows you to set "start time"and "stop time" to get your favorite video clips. You can also adjust audio and video parameters like video size, codec, bitrate, fps and audio codec, betrate, rate etc.

Moreover, you can preview the video before conversion.

You needn't to download the videos from website, because Kigo Video Converter can do it for you. Just input the URL of the video into YouTube area. Besides, you can input batch URLs. Kigo Video Converter can download and convert them easily.

Why not try this mp4 converting tool right now to convert videos for your Sony Walkman?

What is walkman?

Walkman is a Sony brand originally used for portable audio cassette, and now used as Sony's portable audio and video player. The original Walkman brought a change in music listening habits by allowing people to carry music with them.

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