Add video watermark

It is necessary to stamp these videos with your personalized identification mark for copy protection. For example, brand these videos with distinctive watermarks to claim your ownership. Let Kigo Video Converter Ultimate help you.

Why need to add watermark to video

Many people love to share their self-made videos or music videos, even home videos with others by posting them to the web, like Myspace, your blog and Google video: what if others reprint your special videos to other places randomly and carelessly, or apply these videos for some purposes?

Well, try Kigo Video Converter Ultimate to add text and picture watermarks on videos. Besides, you can customize the watermark manually until the watermark meets your satisfaction.

Thus, you will have a better understanding of this professional and multifunctional video watermarking software - Kigo Video Converter Ultimate.


Steps to add watermark to videos

Free download Kigo Video Converter Ultimate online and install it on your computer. The converter provides friendly interface for beginners to add watermark to video with just a few clicks. Before adding watermark, you should first import a video to the software and select it.

To add a watermark to video, please select it in the main file list and click Edit button to open the edit window. In the Watermark dialog, select the Check box of Enable Watermark to enable this feature.

Add text watermark to video

add text watermark to video

Add Text Watermark: You can add a text watermark by choosing Add Text Watermark and type words in text box. Click the Edit more to define font, color, etc. of the text watermark.


Add picture watermark to video

add picture watermark to video

Add Picture Watermark: You can add an image watermark by choosing it and browse to find an image on your computer. Adjust its size by dragging the image's edge or typing the value in the Watermark Picture Size directly.

If you want to adjust position and size of the watermark, you can drag the edges of rectangle directly or drag the Position slider. In addition, you can adjust the opacity of watermark by dragging Opacity slider.

After finishing these settings, you can set output format and output file on the main interface, and click Convert Now to start converting the video according to your settings.

Tips: If you want to cancel the watermark, clear the Enable Watermark check box or click Reset. If you complete editing, click OK to save them.


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