Edit videos with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is an easy-to-use and practical video editor for Mac users, specializing in editing videos with its various video edit functions.

With Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, you can convert videos into your desired video or audio format with perfect output quality and high conversion speed, get rid of video black edges, commercial logos or anything else that affect your video enjoyment, trim videos into your favorite video clips, merge video segments into one file, set video effects, add watermark on videos and more.

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is a real all-in-one video editor, and it's sure that you will have a quality experience with this software.


How Kigo Video Converter Ultimate edit videos for Mac users

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful video editor for Mac which can clip and merge videos and add various effects to create unique From the next to edit your videos.

Crop Videos

To crop a file, please select it in the main file list and click Edit button to open the edit window as below:

the crop settings of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate

ropped Area: You can type in the exact valid value or drag the anchors to adjust the rectangle and its position. The part out of the rectangle is to be eliminated.

Zoom Type: It is used to define the size of active portion of output video. We provide you 6 kinds of modes to choose Keep Original, Force Scale, 19:9, 4:3, Letterbox, Pan&Scan).

Tips: If you want to remove all the settings, click Reset. If you complete editing, click OK to save them.

After finishing these settings, you can set output format and output file, and click "Convert Now!" button to start converting the video according to your settings.

Set Effects

To add effect to a file, please select it in the main file list and click the Edit button Edit button to open the edit window. After selecting Effect dialog, you will enter the interface as below:

the effect interface of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

You can also drag the value sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation.

In the Other Effect drop down list, we provide you some effects to choose, as Mirror, Flip, Noise, Smartblur. And then all effect will be displayed in the preview window.


Add Watermark

Add text watermark to video

add text watermark to video

Add Text Watermark: You can add a text watermark by choosing Add Text Watermark and type words in text box. Click the Edit more to define font, color, etc. of the text watermark.

Add picture watermark to video

add picture watermark to video

Add Picture Watermark: You can add an image watermark by choosing it and browse to find an image on your computer. Adjust its size by dragging the image's edge or typing the value in the Watermark Picture Size directly.

If you want to adjust position and size of the watermark, you can drag the edges of rectangle directly or drag the Position slider. In addition, you can adjust the opacity of watermark by dragging Opacity slider.


Trim Video Clips

With the new version of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, you can get the video clips by setting the start time and stop time

video clips

Merge Video Segments

Merge: If you drag a video and drop it onto another one until a "+" icon appear, they will be merged into one file.

merge video segments interface

Besides edit functions above, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can also help you download videos from 20+ video websites, record your screen, and convert any videos, and rip DVD movies.


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