Kigo Video Converter Ultimate FAQs

Users always use Kigo Video Converter Ultimate to convert MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, 3GP and other videos for iPod, iPhone iPad, Apple TV, PSP, iRiver, Zune, Creative Zen, Archos and so on, or trim movies into segment, merge many files to one file, crop video size, add video effects and even add watermark onto your movies.

In process of video conversion or video editing, uses may encounter some problems, here we choose the top questions and problems. If you still can't find the answer, please contact us via

Q1: What are system requirements for installing kigo video converter ultimate for Mac?

A: If you want to install and run this video converter ultimate on your Mac normally, the next are the system requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.x, 10.5.x or later
  • At least 512M physical RAM
  • 1G Hz Intel or PowerPC processor, or above

Q2: Are there any limitations after running the software

A: You can get the software from the website download link, this is a trial version. You can only convert 3 minute each file even if you get the “User ID" and "Register key".

Q3: After we purchased the software, how to register it?

A: Download, install and run Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, then click the "Kigo Video Converter Ultimate menu", and select the "Registration..." option. In the pop-up tregistration box, fill the input blanks with "User ID" and "Register key". And then the registration is finished.

Q4: How to add videos to Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac?

A: There are three ways to import videos, grag & drop video files to the program. Or you can Click "Add Files" button on the toolbar or through the menu item "File->Add Files" to load files.

Q5:How to crop videos with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate?

A: Before cropping video on Mac, you should first import a video to the converter and select it. Below are the simple steps of cropping video on Mac with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, please do as follows:
Step 1. Click "Effects" button on the main interface, select "crop" tab and check "Enable Crop", then you’ll see a crop frame in the preview window.
Step 2. You can choose to set "Crop Area Size" by inputting exact valid value or directly dragging the crop frame to zoom in/out.
Step 3. For "Position of Crop Area", you can set it by inputting exact valid value or directly dragging the crop frame to determine the specific location.
Step 4. Click "OK" button, and cropping video on Mac is done.

After finishing these settings, you can set output format and output file, and click "Encode" button to start converting the video according to your settings.

Q6: How to split videos with this video converter ultimate?

A: Two methods can help you work out this:

1.In "General" tab on the main interface of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, you can set the duration of the video you want to convert here by setting "Start Time" and "Stop At Time".

2. Step 1. Select a video file in the file list and then click "Clips" button in the toolbar to open the Clip window.
Step 2. Play the selected file, and drag the slider to set the start and stop point.
Step 3. Click "Add" button to add this video clip to the file list, which will show you the Start and Stop Time of each segment.
Step 4. After the above operations, click "OK" button to return to the main interface. All the clipped segments will be added into the file list.

Q7: I just want to convert videos to fit my iPad, can this video converter ultimate for Mac help me? Do I need to crop the output video screen size?

A: Yes, the video converter includes the video cropping function, but you don’t have to crop videos to fit the iPad. In the output presets, there are especial for iPad. To meet your need, you just need to select and convert.

Q8: Can I add watermarks to videos, what kind, how to do?

A: You can add text or picture watermark to videos, the option is simple.
Step 1. Click "Effects" button on the main interface and then choose "watermark" tab. Check "Enable Watermark", and you’ll see that "Add Text Watermark" is the default option or choose a picture as watermark.
Step 2: Input text in the text box, and end with knocking "Enter" on your keyboard, then you can see the content is shown in "Font Style". As picure watermark, adjust the slider or enter valid value to determine the transparence and the specific location of the picture watermark, and you can directly drag the image.
Step 3. Click "OK" button, and adding text watermark is done.

Q9. What's the difference between trial version and full version?

A: In order to let our customers know our programs better, each program of us has a trial version differing from the full version. It is free and foremost, it is the same as the full version in functionality, except the conversion time limitation.

Differing from a trial version, only registered users are able to get the full version after purchase. Without any limitations, full version users can also obtain a lifetime technical and upgrade support.

Q10. What is the difference between Kigo Video Converter Pro and Kigo Video Converter Ultimate?

A: Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is the upgraded version of Kigo Video Converter Pro. Kigo Video Converter Ultimate not only has all the functions of Kigo Video Converter Pro, but also newly adds video editing functions and some video effects like trimming video, merging video, adding text or picture watermark to video and so on.

Q11. Is it possible to get a clip/segment of my video file converted?

A: Yes. You need to set "Start Time" and "Stop at time" to get the clip you want. You can also get the segment by clipping the video directly.

Q12. Can I get audio files from the video with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate?

A: The software supports extracting audio files from the videos, the audio files are in the format of MP3, AAC etc.

Q13. If I forgot the registration key, how can I get it?

A: If you forgot the registration key, you can send a email to the support center ( to retrieve it.

You can only retrieve the keycode if you're encountering one of the following:

  • 1. The keycode of the product you purchased is lost.
  • 2. You already purchased the program, but didn't receive the keycode.
  • 3. The keycode you already had became invalid.


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