How to import files to Kigo Video Converter Ultimate

Several kinds of video sources are supported by Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, the solutions are such different as well.

To work with videos well, you have to import the videos to the software. Importing video into Kigo Video Converter Ultimate does not mean to erase it from your recording device.

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate allows you to add files from hard disc, download videos from websites. The supported video websites' amount has been more than 20.

Load local videos from hard disc

Step1: Click Add video (Or do this through the menu item File->Add Video), then a adding window appear.

Step2: Locate and select the files you want to import.

Step3: Click the Open button, then you can see all the files you chose are shown in the file list.

Load DVD

It provides 2 extraction modes so that you can import and convert the main DVD movie or import all titles to convert. You can choose the one which you like in the preferences settings. Open it through Menu->Kigo Video Converter Pro->Preferences:

Load DVD Preference

Load website videos

Step1: Click the library My File->Download, you will find all downloaded files are listed here.

Step2: Select the file you want to convert and click the button Add To Convert List. Then all the files you selected are shown in the Pending Files->Converting list.

Interface of Video Converter Ultimate

Load Screen Record

There are 3 methods to load screen record:

Add button: After recording, the recorded file will load into the file list automatically. Or as videos and DVDs , you can load it by clicking Add video.

Double-click the recorded file: The screen recorded file can only opened by our program, so you can load it to the file list by double clicking it.

Drag and drop to the list: You can also drag files to the list directly from your disc or other location.

Load Screen Record

After you add files, you can proceed other work in the following.


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