Trim video clips and merge

Sometimes, the video file is too long for you, you want to split to some video clips segments, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can work on this.

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent video splitter for Mac, since it allows you to convert your favorite part of a video and convert several clips of a video at the same time. In a word, with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, you can convert any part of a video as you like.

Clip video segment:

There is not a shot cut for you to clip videos, what you can do is just set the start time and stop time to get video segment.

There is a "General" tab on the main interface of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, and it includes "Start Time" and "Stop Time". You can set the duration of the video you want to convert here.

General settings of Video Converter Ultimate

Tip: It applies to convert only one clip of a video, and if you want to merge several clips of a video, you can choose to use the following method.

Merge video clips

After you get video clips, you can merge these clips together to a single file to do the conversion. First of all, you need to add the files you want to merge.

Merge video clips

Merge: If you drag a video and drop it onto another one until a "+" icon appear, they will be merged into one file.

Unmerge: If you want to unmerge it, drag the video out of the merged file until you see a blue line.Or just click the remove icon. Then the videos will be unmerged.

Tip1: You can't edit effect and add subtitles to the merged file.
Tip2: You can't merge DVD or screen recorded file.


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