Give special effects to your digital video

Someone asked me: "I found some beautiful video files, which looks distinctive and interesting. How to do to get that effect?"

To deal with the problem, first of all you need to know what is video effects.

The reasons for video effects:

Video effects are always used to edit the videos to make them more funny or some else use. For example

  • Split only some segments or clips of the whole movie.
  • Merge video clips into one big file.
  • Add text or picture watermark to videos to protect the copyright.
  • Resize the video.
  • Set some other special effect, eg. noise, smartblur, grey, mirror, flip and so on.


How to add video effects?

In order to add video effects more easily and quickly, here recommend you a professional video editor - Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, which is designed to convert and edit video files.

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent and all-in-one video converter and video editor with perfect output quality and high conversion speed for Mac users.

To set the special effects, first of all, you need to download and install the video converter program - Kigo Video Converter Ultimate.

Screenshot of Video Converter Ultimate

With Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, you can:

  • Clip any video segments and optionally merge and sort them to make a creative movie.
  • Crop frame size to remove any unwanted area in the frame just like a pair of smart scissors.
  • Add text or picture watermark to make your video unique.
  • Adjust video brightness, contrast and saturation to get the best effect you want. And you can also choose a special effect to apply to your video.

Add video effects

Step1: Select the "effect" option.

Step2: For Brightness, Contrast and Saturation, you can set them by adjusting the slider or inputting exact valid value.

Step3: For Other Effects, you can click the button to choose a specific effect from "No Effect", "Grey", "Mirror", "Flip", "Noise" and "Smartblur".

Step4: Click the button "OK", then the setting effect is done.


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