9 Best Netflix Limited Series You Should Watch

The world of streaming services offers a treasure trove of entertainment, with Netflix standing out for its vast library of original content. Beyond movies and documentaries, Netflix boasts a captivating selection of limited series. These Netflix limited series present a complete story within a predetermined number of episodes (usually between 4 and 10), unlike traditional series that might hang in the balance of renewal for multiple seasons.

This format allows creators to craft a focused narrative with a satisfying conclusion, perfect for binge-watchers seeking a complete story arc. So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to dive into our curated list of the 9 best limited series on Netflix you won't want to miss!

Best Netflix Limited Series

Part 1. What does Limited Series Mean on Netflix?

Typically, a Netflix limited series is a series with a predetermined number of episodes and an endpoint designed to tell a complete story. Unlike ongoing series, limited series typically do not extend beyond the first few episodes and are designed to be a self-contained narrative. Limited series are often used to explore a specific story or concept in a focused and concise way.

The limited series on Netflix usually have a few key characteristics. First of all, it has a complete story arc, that is, it has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The second point is that these types of episodes are usually shorter than traditional episodes. The third point is what is sometimes called an "event miniseries," designed to create buzz and excitement.

So to use an analogy: we can think of a limited series as a well-written novel. It tells a compelling story and a satisfying ending, all in a single volume. Traditional series, on the other hand, are more like ongoing epics that may take multiple volumes (and seasons) to reach their finale.

Part 2. Top 9 Limited Series on Netflix in 2024

Here are 9 Netflix limited series to make the most of your time.


BEEF is a dark comedic drama miniseries currently available on Netflix. It tells the story of two strangers, Danny Cho, played by Steven Yeun, and Amy Lau, played by Ali Wong, whose lives are unexpectedly intertwined after a road rage incident. The encounter spirals out of control, leading them down a path of revenge and chaos that consumes their thoughts and actions.


#2 The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit is a classic limited series on Netflix. This biographical drama tells the story of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy who grows up in an orphanage and struggles with addiction. The show has been praised for its performances, especially Anya Taylor-Joy's lead turn, as well as its direction and cinematography.

The Queen's Gambit

#3 Spinning Out

Spinning Out, a Netflix teen drama, follows Kat Baker, a troubled figure skater given a shot at the Olympics in pairs skating. As she pushes for greatness, she battles personal demons, family issues, and the pressure to win, all within the cutthroat world of competitive figure skating.

Spinning Out

#4 Unbelievable

Unbelievable, a true crime drama tells the story of Marie Adler, a teenager who is accused of rape and then recants her accusation. The show follows the investigation into Adler's case, as well as the two detectives who eventually reopen it and discover that she was telling the truth all along. Unbelievable has been praised for its sensitive handling of a difficult subject, as well as its performances and its suspenseful plot.


#5 Boy Swallows Universe

Boy Swallows Universe is an 8-episode coming-of-age story set in 1980s Brisbane, Australia. It follows Eli Bell, a young boy navigating a chaotic family life. His dad is missing, his brother is mute, his recovering-addict mom has a heroin-dealing stepfather, and a notorious criminal babysits him. This quirky dark comedy explores themes of love, redemption, and facing tough realities as Eli embarks on a suburban adventure filled with both the magic of childhood and the harsh lessons of the adult world.

Boy Swallows Universe

#6 Maid

In the gripping Netflix miniseries Maid, Margaret Qualley portrays Alex, a young mother fleeing an abusive relationship. The series follows her relentless struggle to build a better life for herself and her child. As Alex juggles demanding cleaning jobs, daycare woes, and a strained relationship with her own mother, she confronts the harsh realities of poverty and the emotional toll of escaping abuse. Maid is a powerful story of resilience, grit, and a mother's unwavering determination to create a safe and secure future for her daughter.


#7 Anatomy of a Scandal

The Netflix thriller miniseries Anatomy of a Scandal dissects a shocking political scandal. The show unfolds from two timelines - the current court case and flashbacks revealing the past relationships of politician James (Rupert Friend) and Sophie Whitehouse (Sienna Miller). As the truth unfolds, the miniseries explores themes of consent, privilege, and the complexities of marriage under public scrutiny.

Anatomy of a Scandal

#8 Alias Grace

Alias Grace is a riveting Netflix miniseries based on Margaret Atwood's novel that delves into the true story of Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant in 19th-century Canada. Grace was convicted of murdering her employer and his housekeeper but had no memory of the crime. A conversation begins with Dr. Jordan, a young psychiatrist determined to understand Grace's mental state.

Alias Grace

#9 Godless

Godless, a Netflix western limited series, rewrites the script for the genre by centering on a small town filled with women. The story takes place in La Belle, an uninhabited mining town in the 1880s. This peaceful isolation is shattered when Roy Goode, a former member of the notorious outlaw gang led by the vicious Frank Griffin, seeks asylum in La Belle. Griffin himself followed, bent on revenge against Roy. Godless explores themes of community, resilience, and the complexities of justice in the unforgiving Wild West.


Bonus: How to Download Netflix Limited Series

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With this diverse selection of Netflix limited series, there's something to satisfy every taste, from historical dramas and thought-provoking science fiction to gripping true-crime stories and action-packed fantasy adventures. And you can use Kigo Movie One to download your favorite Netflix limited series and dive into these best limited series on Netflix to discover a complete and unforgettable entertainment experience.

Note: The trial version allows you to download only the first minutes of each file. To access the full length, please unlock it with a valid license code.

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