Why is Netflix Removing Christian Movies? The Truth Explained

Netflix, the streaming giant that revolutionized how we watch movies and TV shows, boasts a massive library catering to diverse tastes. But for viewers who enjoy faith-based films, a recent rumor has caused a stir: Why is Netflix removing Christian movies? Generally, Netflix may remove content due to licensing, audience demand, or other reasons. Fear not, fans of faith-based films! This rumor has been making the rounds for years, and it's simply untrue.

But with the ever-changing landscape of streaming services, it's natural to wonder about the future of Christian content. This article will debunk the myth of Netflix's supposed purge, explore some fantastic Netflix alternatives to watch Christian movies, and offer a way to help you download the Christian movies you love.

Why is Netflix Removing Christian Movies?

Part 1. Is Netflix Removing Christian Movies?

Years ago, people heard rumors that Netflix would remove all Christian movies. The source of this rumor came from a satirical article on a website in 2016, which stated that "Netflix will remove all Christian content after receiving complaints from Muslims." Following this, a viral Facebook post claimed that Netflix had removed all Christian movies, shows, and specials from its streaming service. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to express concerns about this rumor.

But today, we need to tell you the truth for Netflix to remove Christian movies. That is, Netflix has never publicly stated that it will remove Christian movies. All of this is just a false rumor!

By searching on Netflix, we can find that the relevant Christian movies are still online, and there is no explanation for their removal. But it’s important to note that content libraries on streaming platforms like Netflix are regularly updated and changed, including adding and removing various titles based on licensing agreements, audience demand, and other factors. The availability of specific films, including films related to Christian themes, may change over time due to changes in licensing agreements, content rotation, or platform content strategies.

Don’t panic if you find that some titles have disappeared, just stay up to date with Netflix’s latest news and announcements, or contact their customer support for more specific information about their content offerings and policies.

Part 2. Alternatives to Netflix for Christian Movies

If you are still worried that Netflix may remove your favorite Christian movies, then you can make some preparations before then. For example, look for some new Christian movie streaming as alternatives to Netflix. Below we’ll take a look at a few streaming platforms that are also rich in content, where you can still enjoy your favorite Christian movies.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming video on-demand service provided by Amazon.com, Inc. as part of the Amazon Prime membership subscription service. Prime members have free access to thousands of movies and TV shows, including original series, hit movies, and kids' shows. On Amazon Prime Video, you can type "Christian movies" into the search bar and browse the "Religion & Spirituality" category to watch a variety of Christian movies, including dramas like "The Passion of the Christ”, the documentary "Who Is Jesus?" and the family movie "The Chronicles of Narnia".

Pure Flix

Pure Flix is a streaming platform focused on Christian movies and TV series, dedicated to providing safe and healthy entertainment for families. The platform has more than 1,500 movies and TV series across genres including dramas, documentaries, comedies, family movies, and children’s shows. On this platform, you can watch Christian movies such as "I Am Second" and "War Room". Watch Christian movies on Pure Flix for safe content and reasonable prices, and the platform also offers a free trial. However, the disadvantage is that the content update speed of the platform is slow and new content is not released frequently.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a streaming platform for Christian movies, TV series, and learning resources, with over 20,000 videos covering topics such as Bible study, theology, apologetics, discipleship, and more. You can watch Christian movies on this platform, such as "The Passion of the Christ", "Son of God", and "Ben-Hur".

Part 3. How to Save Christian Movies to Prevent Netflix Removal

Although you can watch Christian movies on other platforms, these platforms, like Netflix, are at risk of removing Christian movies from their shelves. If you want to get rid of this risk, then downloading Christian movies locally will be the safest way. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about Netflix or other platforms suddenly delisting movies without you noticing, causing you to no longer be able to watch them. Secondly, downloaded Christian movies can also be played offline in a smooth and high-definition way.

Kigo Movie One will be the best assistant to help you download these Christian movies. With it, you can download videos from multiple platforms, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, Max, Hulu, and more. These downloaded videos will be saved on your computer as MP4 or MKV files, and depending on your output settings, the downloaded video quality can be up to 8K. So, if you’re worried that Netflix will remove Christian movies, it’s better to save them on your computer so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere. The following is a detailed download tutorial:

Kigo Movie One
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Step 1 Choose Netflix from the Support List

Select according to your computer system and click the "Free Download" button above. After installing Kigo Movie One, double-click to run it and then select the source website you want to download from. For example, here we choose Netflix.

select netflix

Step 2 Set the Download Settings

Netflix's built-in web player will load automatically. Follow the instructions to log in to your Netflix account. Then before conversion, you can click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner to make basic output settings, such as video format and quality, output folder, etc.

customize download settings for netflix movies

Step 3 Find Christian Movies

After completing the settings, you can close the settings window. Then directly search for the Christian movie you want to download in the Netflix web player search bar. Click on it once you find it, then click on the blue arrow in the lower right corner.

select to download netflix movies

Step 4 Download Netflix Christian Movies

Select the video quality, audio track, and subtitles you want in the new window that pops up. Then click "Download" to start downloading. Once the download is complete, you will be able to find your downloaded Christian movies in the output folder. You can also find the download history in the Library tab.

select to download netflix audio and subtitle in multiple languages


This article has shed light on the rumor of Netflix removing Christian movies. We've seen that licensing agreements and viewership data play a role in a movie's availability. While Netflix offers a varied selection, for a dedicated stream of faith-based content, we explored excellent alternatives like Amazon Prime Video, Pure Flix, and RightNow Media. Finally, we suggested you use Kigo Movie One to download Christian movies to prevent Netflix removal. So, whether you're seeking classic Christian films or the latest releases, there are exciting avenues to explore and ensure a fulfilling cinematic experience that strengthens your faith.

Note: The trial version allows you to download only the first minutes of each file. To access the full length, please unlock it with a valid license code.

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